Mena BlackPaw Belgian Malinois

Imported Perle De Tourbiere Bloodline. 

Health Guarantees, Working Incentive Program, and Contracts


Our puppies are AKC registered and guaranteed to be 100% healthy, fully

dewormed and shots up to date.

  We guarantee that all of our puppies will be healthy upon arrival.

We ask that you carry the puppy to a Veterinarian within 24 hours upon arrival,


to be checked for any health problems. WE  will call and do a follow-up within the 

24 hours after the puppy has left our kennel. 


If for some reason the Veterinarian finds a health problem, send us the name of


the Vet, his/her contact


number and a copy of his/her findings and we (My Vet) will review the findings


for the puppy replace program and the client must follow the contract, except the

 shipping charges.

Working Title

M.B.P. offers $200.00 off your next puppy if you are a current owner of a


MBP puppy that reaches one of these listed titles: Sch., IOP, Ring Sport, Certified 

Police k9, Certified Narcotic Detection, Certified S.A.R., and Certified Personal 


 MBP will honor the above with a puppy from the next available litter.

 Due to the success of our puppies and limited yearly breeding, we can only 

honor the working guarantee on one puppy per litter in order to maintain our

kennel, and not raise the price of our puppies.

 MBP Malinois requires that you carry our kennel name, (Mena BlackPaw or

 Mena la Tourbeux.) on the AKC Registration papers, to be eligible for our full

puppy contract agreements coverage and a $100.00 off your next puppy



Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

M.B.P. puppy will be guaranteed to pass OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for 

Animals) certification, certified free of dyspepsia in hips and elbows on or before

 30 months of age. Radiography are necessary for replacement puppy.

Lifetime Congenital Abnormality

If your M.B.P. puppy is found to have a life threatening or debilitating problem.

from a congenital abnormality, return him/her to the kennel with all 

registration papers and he/she will be replaced. Radio graphs are necessary for 

replacement, if applicable.

 This guarantee applies to the dog's original owner.

In order to receive your replacement puppy, you must first have a signed 

detailed letter from your veterinarian explaining the abnormality.


This guarantee only applies to the puppies bred and owned by M.B.P. Malinois.


All replacement puppies will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value to

 the original purchase price.

  No replacements will be given if the male or female puppy/dog has been bred,


neutered or spade.

All puppies returned for replacement must be in good physical condition.

Owner is responsible for all transportation and registration transfer cost.


MBP will not replace any puppy without a complete health record.

We at MBP  require our customers to continue to follow our basic requirement and 

socialization page that is listed.

It is very important for customers to find the proper trainer for their new pup, they 

can go to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers ( for help.

  If you are interested in buying one of our puppies and would like to know 

more about the guarantees and contracts, please feel free to contact us by email or 


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