Mena BlackPaw Belgian Malinois

Imported Perle De Tourbiere Bloodline. 

For Sale / Puppies

Here at MBP, we produce high quality working and confirmation Belgian Malinois



We breed our Malinois for extreme drive, working ability, temperament, looks and

health. Since the Belgian Malinois are working dogs.

We recommend the customers to research the breed to be sure that the Malinois will

fit your family needs.

We start building that foundation on the pups as early as  3 days old and continue to 

train them as long as they are in our kennel.


  The puppies we produce at MBP are raised around our children and we believe in

building a hard firm foundation on them in their puppy stage.

Our bloodline is extremely strong in the KNPV line, it is very important for our 

customers to follow our recommendations and requirement for their new pup.

We also require our customers to look at our Health and Contract page and the 

  Basic requirement and Socialization  Program. 

It is very important for our customers to find the proper trainer for their new pup, 

they can go to Association of Professional Dog Trainers ( for help.


The benefits from purchasing a puppy from MBP: 

*All puppies come with a puppy contract

*Health certificate as needed

*AKC Registration

*Two Dewormed

* Vaccination shots


Here at MBP, we require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy,

which will mean that you are guaranteed a puppy from that specific litter.

NO Pups at is time.


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